Sorry for the delay we were holding out as long as we could to see if there was any hope. As of now here’s the statement from state parks in the image.

We are working with the State to get the soonest avaible date to run on, if not Round 1 will be May 29-30th, it will be wherever we get clearance to race at and the new adjusted schedules is as follows:
1-May 29-30
2-July 10-11
3-August 7-8
4-September 11-12

NorCal Rock Racing and NorCal SxS are the most extreme high speed short course races on the west coast.  This is the only open wheel racing that you can see 90% of the track from all the spectator areas. It’s a family friendly event with food from awesome local vendors and snow cones for the kids. Racing vendors are on site to provide products and tech service. Don’t miss any of the rounds because the course design changes for each round. The racing action is always exciting, so bring your friends!

Track Locations:

Prairie City SVRA, Rancho Cordova CA                        Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno NV